Bertrand Gruyer

Born in 1961

Lives and works in Colombes

My images are simple fragments of reality, photographs never retouched or even cropped after the shooting. It is painting that gave me the need to make pictures, the abstract painting that impresses my retina since my childhood. At first I wanted to collect the wild abstract paintings I found on my way but very quickly, the adjustment of the framing revealed itself as a compositional tool to "draw" images. I began to explore all sorts of random shapes to make them my own and my creative material, chasing the most insignificant subjects to transfigure them into doors for the imagination. My images don't say what they show, they usually don't even say what they are. They appeal to the ability we all have to recreate what we see by interpreting it. I am looking for this creative vertigo, this subjectivity of the gaze that puts a filter on our consciousness, like an endless dance balanced on the border between reality and imagination.