Chiara Stefani is an Italian contemporary artist based

between Paris and Northern Italy, who combines

traditional techniques such as oil on canvas and graphite

on paper but with a contemporary perspective.

Her work is structured upon the representation of

feminine. The main concept is to focus on those qualities

like softness and vulnerability that are not synonyms

of weakness. “Our society always rewards masculine

approaches valuing individualism, aggressiveness and

analytical thinking as good attributes to reach success.

It’s time to reverse the tendency, to empower the

feminine side that is inside each and everyone of us, to

generate a more creative, nurturing and loving world”.

In her paintings she tries to recreate that feeling of

empowerment and sisterhood, to capture the innate

strength and complexity of women and contemplates the

nature of connection. Throughout the representation of

common people, she wants to explore the kaleidoscope of

emotion that can be found in the human face.

In her works the women are very charismatic,

represented often staring forward with unsmiling and



She, for sure, finds her inspiration also in her various

travels around the world, especially South East Asia,

where she lived for a few years, and the Middle East. She

spends countless hours working on her paintings trying

to represent that specific feeling caught in that defined

moment in order to connect deeply and more intimately

with the viewer.

Born in 1986 in Italy she started to explore artistic

expressions from a very young age.

She studied fine art and she graduated in Art

Conservation of Cultural Heritage in Venice, and this

paved the road to her career in the art field, allowing her

to experiment with different techniques and studying

materials used from artists centuries ago till the latest


Her figurative and hyper realistic style allows her to

express in the highest form the concept she wants to

represent on the canvas.

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