Gilbert Ganteaume

 Gilbert Ganteaume is a French painter and sculptor born on 12 October 1932 in La Ciotat. His work develops in a representative intention by using the means of abstraction and matierism. Gilbert Ganteaume came from an old Ciotadenne family and was born in the workers' housing estate (demolished in 1974). In 1946, he enrolled at the shipyard apprenticeship school where his father taught. There he learned to work with metal, cutting, welding, drilling and shaping iron at the forge, and obtained a CAP in hull tracing. At the age of 35, he was awakened to culture and his wife gave him his first paintbrushes. His artistic soul revealed itself and he created his own style, which would constantly evolve. His strength: materials, layers and collages. His paintings and sculptures reflect the history of La Ciotat. A dozen of his works are displayed around the town (memorial for asbestos victims, paintings in the church. Monument for peace etc)

In 2023, the giant ships he built during his working life came to life as sculptures, and the transformations of the converted naval site came to life in his optimistically coloured paintings, echoing the rebirth of the site.

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