Philippe Le Guillou

This Breton is fascinated by stones, menhirs and dolmens, which stimulate his imagination and inspiration. His father, often away at sea, left him his workbench and tools. At the age of 17, he tackled an oak log with a chisel and a drill - his first sculpture. At 24, in the magical forest of Brocéliande, he carved tortuous stumps. After many long journeys, he settled in La Cadière d'Azur.

It was through his many travels that Philippe found his inspiration. In the USA, he discovered the art totems of the native Indians, and in Morocco, the craftsmen of Essaouira encouraged him as an artist.

The art of sculpture is present everywhere: Sri Lankan temples, Polynesian tikis, Madagascan mahafale tombs and Maori pirogues.

The masks of African art have deeply moved him with their emotional and mystical charge. Ever since he was a child, he has observed the sky, the geometry of stars and galaxies as well as molecules, a question of scale. For him, the best artist is Nature, and the wind-sculpted rocks of Antarctica, the rock formations of Tassili or a simple pool of dried mud offer as much inspiration as the sea.

He admires artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, Matta, Eduardo Chillida, Archipenko, Constantin Brancusi, Marx Ernst, César, Antony Gormley, Armand..., and the masters of contemporary Aboriginal art.

He is passionate about all materials, each with its own specificity.

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Philippe Le Guillou

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