Philippe Arène-Domenge

I've been drawing since I was a child and painting since I was 16, having studied at the Atelier Penninghen and the Académie Julian.
I've explored figuration and abstraction in different styles and techniques, but in 2014 I voluntarily questioned my work, deciding to go for the essential: to paint what I love, emotions, and to do it with exacting standards to force myself to seek and move forward... therefore, confronting facture and representation, abstraction and emotion.

So as not to lie to myself by painting the same picture several times in different formats, thereby putting off the real work of research for the sake of convenience, I have decided, on the one hand, to paint faces and their emotions, and on the other, abstractions and abstract landscapes in a style consistent with the portraits, using the same technique, the same manner, always in a square format of one metre by one metre.

So these strict requirements force me to be inventive all the time, without being able to use too many tricks.
I hope this method bears fruit!


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