Artists from La Ciotat

Bring art into your company.

Our aim: to make art accessible!

Art Investissement is pleased to announce a new partnership with La Ciotat Entreprendre, a dynamic association that brings together more than 300 Ciotadian businesses.

Stimulate emotion in your daily life with works of art that will make your workplace as unique as you are!
That's the challenge we're taking on by launching.

La Ciotat'Art,
The concept is simple:
We display selected works of art free of charge and under our responsibility for a period of 2 months, so that you can share them with your employees, partners and customers.

At the end of this period, it's up to you to continue the adventure by renting, leasing or simply purchasing.

You can also return the work, but you should be aware that you will be making a lot of people unhappy.

Artists from La Ciotat